Thursday, April 07, 2011

Falling Down [Lyrics]

So there's this one Korean - Chinese film (in millions I've seen this week) named "A Good Rain Knows When To Come" or (in some other territories) "Season of Rain" directed by Hur Jin-ho, which I really like. I was in a Korean cinema marathon mode this week and the reason I came across this film is Jung Woo Sung, who played one of the protagonists. For some reason, it had the feel of Sofia Coppola's "Lost in Translation", which appeals to my bias towards works that don't shout their message out too loud. Yes, the movie was quiet, not to mention awkward, because the English the chararacters speak are Korean and Chinese sorts. But the film is rich in green-ness and spring rain of Chengdu (a city/town in China), which provides a refreshing backdrop to a not-so-easy love story. All in all, the film just opens up again an unfinished affair between lovers only to leave it open again though not without confrontation. But there are days in one's life that a person wish for rain to come. And for a Chengdu girl, the coming of the spring rain is just what she needed.

Anyway, I was not gonna make a review for this film and the only reason for this post is that the film had a really nice scoring and soundtrack. And yes, I'm a sucker for films with great music. (Remember 'The Hours'? 'Atonement'?)
It's just a shame that when I googled the lyrics for Jo Sung Bin's "Falling Down", an original song from the film, there's not a page that has it. So I listened to the song some 4-6 times, not without efforts, to come up with a lyrics page. So to whoever come across the film "A Good Rain Knows When To Come" and find it great, I hope this page shows up when you google the OST:

[Lyrics] Falling Down by Jo Sung Bin

Maybe sometime
I could be here again
trying to find love
we don't know yet.

Maybe is something
to make us come around,
the rain will be something
to let me calm down.

There is silence
flowing around me
in the air
when you approach.

Maybe it's something
to make you turn around,
the raining is something
just holding me now.

I know that you wonder
where we stay around.
Maybe I found you
always here in my mind.

It's falling around me.
I'm feeling like lost in time.
I'm waiting behind you.
Just don't let me down.

You're running away now.
You're sinking in flowing time.
The raining reminds me of your smile.
Don't bring me down.

(PS: I find some of the words funny too. Regardless, the song is still a beauty. It can be my hearing though.)


  1. Thanks for putting up the lyrics to the song!! I wanted to know what the song was, and when I googled the lyrics, your page come up, as you had hoped. =) I really liked the music of the movie as well.

  2. haha! You're welcome and thanks. I don't usually do lyrics. But I'm glad I did.

  3. Thank you ~ you helped me figure out the name of that beautiful film! (I caught it on TV, and the program guide called it "special new movie.")

  4. @susie lol! that's funny. I guess that tv channel can do better in knowing what it's playing. Although I like it that they named it "special" and "new" haha!

  5. I watched this film a few nights ago in our cable channel called RED. The movie is awesome..

  6. I watched this last December 26, 2011, on RED channel. The movie was called A Good Rain Know. I hope our directors here in the Philippines can also make a movie like this, it so amazing that only 3 major characters appear in the movie but still they made it so beautiful to watch..cheers

  7. Anonymous3:37 AM

    season of good rain was a feel good movie. way to cute bec the main actors spoke in english and no need for me to be reading subtitles which most often makes my understanding more difficult. jong woo sung is one of my fave korean actors and he can really act. i've seen most of his movies and dramas, he's a good damn actor. i'm looking forward to watch his first hollywood film "the killer".

  8. Hugely belated, I know, but just wanna say hearty thanks to you for making a point of getting its lyrics out in cyberspace. Watched the in-flight version of the film at year end. Quietly yet deeply touched and got hooked on this song, ending up repeating it over and again till landing. Tracked it down back home, found it uploaded on YouTube, ending up... ditto. Googled its lyrics and got here, ending up with tears. So did with your post - "there are days in one's life that a person wish for rain to come. And for a Chengdu girl, the coming of the spring rain is just what she needed." Got widowed myself a while ago. You're spot on. Thanks again & all the best.

  9. Anonymous4:24 AM

    found it. thanks to you. I love the movie and this song.

  10. thank a lot. i really love this movie. :)

  11. Anonymous3:16 PM

    I agree with how they delivered the script...which got me thinking - how on earth did I watch it till the end? *cringe* lol
    Nonetheless, it's a good film with the right chemistry between actors...and yes, GREAT music. The lyrics do need some changes to make sense, but we get what the composer is trying to say with the song. Thanks for posting this! cheers! ;)

  12. Thanks for sharing the lyrics of this beautiful movie.

  13. thanks a lot...I here it almost everybody :)