Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I think I'm a cry again: I hate Dallas!

year after year after year...
and it's been two years...

Well, it started since I've known Dallas went to Playoffs.

Two years ago, what I thought was their time to be the champion, was a very trying Finals with a where-is-it-now team such as Miami. I totally thought they deserved title after beating powerhouses Phoenix Suns and San Antonio Spurs.

But we all went home crying...and I literally cried!

And last year, their strongest season EVER, and probably one of the best regular season an NBA team could ever have...(just second to Chicago) They went to playoffs having all this comparison to Chicago Bulls, that they're going to go all the way to the finals and claim the trophy finally.

And boom! A low-profile, no-chance-to -go-to-the-Finals, unusual playoff contender such as Golden State Warriors ruined these dreams...

And I cried as well..

And now, for the third time, Im cryin' again!

Yeah! It hurts when you're a fan...

How could Dallas do this every single year? They're hurting thousands of fans like me when they go to a game starting strong and losing eventually because they did not persist!

How is it that they can crush powerhouses Phoenix and San Antonio and not losers such as Miami, Golden State and New Orleans?

How is it that they cannot prevail over mind battles?

Now, I don't know what to expect more of them. They proved more times than they ever should have to be disappointing a team they are.

...BUT! I will still be a fan.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nowitzki scolding Kidd was JUST-eefiaBLE!!!

I was listening to a radio show this afternoon where Andi and Joey were kind of discussing NBA Playoffs, how upset is goin' with Boston Celtics, poor Suns being down 3-1 to Spurs, etc. And then they went down to discussing Nowitzki's and Kidd's fight over their last game (wherein they eventually lost to New Orleans and now 1-3). They kind of disliked what happened because Kidd is new to the team and still adusting...yada! yada!

I was annoyed by the remarks because in the first place, Nowitzki is the CAPTAIN of the team.
Duh! He has all the rights in the world to reprimand "everybody" in the team if that will better their performance.

No one was stepping up or at least HELP, how do you suppose a captain to act?

Second point, agree or not, we know that though team's name is Dallas Mavericks, it's AKA Team Dirk!

They shouldn't have traded Devin Harris for a "kid" to begin with! Stupid Dallas!

Sorry Kidd fans, but I am a DALLAS fan and Kidd in the team is not doing any good.

But let's see. Playoffs' not over yet. If Kidd can do something to get Dallas back up, I might take back what all I've said.

But for now, let's not consider the fight with the two a fault on Dirk's side! PUH-LEASE!!

Monday, April 07, 2008

New 7 Wonders of Nature: Philippines can be a pain in the ass!

New Open World Foundation has opened the 7 Wonders Votation again!
But this time it's for the 7 Wonders of Nature...

If we recall we had a little disappointing result of the 07.07.07 New 7 Wonders of the Ancient World for the fact that Pyramids of Giza, the lone survivor of the preceding list, was not included . And on a personal note, I kind of disagree with the list.

But let's leave that alone!

A new contest is open to, if not the most deserving, the most popular Nature Site.

The voting actually started way before I knew it.

But let's see! The voting runs til the end of the year. So nations, organizations or simply put fans of the nominees can gather as much vote as they can for the longest time they can have.

Now, the more interesting part is, Philippines has three (and I mean 3) sites to be proud of:
1. Chocolate Hills (9)
2. Tubataha Reef (10)
3. Mayon Volcano (19)

that, as of writing, are ranked 9, 10 and 19 respectively.
(Mayon Volcano being the greatest gainer in the entire list)

This is not actually not the ideal nominees that I expected to be in the contention for such a prestigious list. Well, basically, Philippines is home to many strange and amazing wonders that the list is supposedly looking for:

Say Lake Taal(or Taal Volcano, making the Guiness Book of Records by being the only lake on a lake on a lake)

Hundred Islands of Pangasinan

The Banaue Rice Terraces


But I say our representatives being on the list is kind of believable!

I don't actually expect them to win but giving Mt. Everest, Grand Canyon, Great Barrier Reef, and the kinds, a pain in the ass can be way fun!!!

Now, fellow Filipinos and anyone who agree with me can now visit New

And on a personal note, you can actually use all of the emails you're aware you had!