Monday, April 13, 2009

a testimonial to April 11'09...when I lost my love ring

A day so bizarre!

I lost my cca token.
So I had to pay $45 for another one
And not to mention, spent almost an hour just trying to activate it.

And then my love ring (LOVE engraved on it),
a very very important ring I've been keeping for years,
by the time I was about to leave office,
I realized it was no longer in my finger!

What a time for that ring to be lost!
On this day!
The very same day I asked, "should I wait or just let it all go?",
and got no answer.

It's been hard getting rid of that 10-peso coin that's been sitting in my wallet for two weeks.
And shredding that paper with "Just Dance Pokerface" scribbles on it as hard.
And Im sure it'll be harder letting go of that ring.
Maybe not on this day, but eventually, I'll let go.
And I won't need a bottle of beer,
nor a doze of serotonin,
and never a drop of tear!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Infatuation and Freedom

I kept telling myself that I should've been free,
I should be in a state of peace.
I have been living the life of simplicity, contentment, abstinence and detachment, my true measures of the ultimate freedom.
But how did it happen that a complete stranger, unknown to my system, rather just passing by, completely ruined my ideals?
How come one day I was quietly going on with my life optimistic of whatever tomorrow has to offer
and the other, I would not want to live a day more?
Why is freedom not enough?
Why am I not happy?
Why do we have to meet people if their purpose is to hurt other people?
Why is Dr. Mierzwak not real?
Why can't he come and treat my corrupted memory?
Why is knowledge and truth still not enough to be free?
What does it take to be free?

Monday, April 06, 2009

Mila del Sol ni SinagBuwan

2nd Prize, UP Baguio Poetry Festival 2006;
Entry to 2007 UP Baguio National Writing Workshop;
One of the few pieces chosen to be read during the 2005 SRNS Graduation Dinner (...if can be considered a

...soon to be Palanca Awardee...kidding!

Coming very very very soon!