Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fresh Start

Hello TS-mates!!!

Here are your photos taken using my phone...

Had to do this, memory gap.hehe

Let's start with Anne...

(sorry Anne you had to be the cover...default thing in Photobucket)

(click on Anne's photo...dadalhin kayo nun sa Photobucket)

Happy Viewing!

Photobucket Album

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mga Magnanakaw!!! (Thieves)

my phone was stolen last night when I was on a bus my way home...
I woke up from what felt like a long rest only to find out my pants was already torn.
It was quite disappointing because I used to symphatize for thieves that I know the reasons why they do the things they do.
But just last night, my view of these dirty people changed forever.
I think it will be forever that I will hate thieves whatever reason they reserve on their doings.
Though I believe in Karma, I also believe in vengeance.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Me!!!



I just want to thank the people who never forgot to greet me today!!!
Hay naku!

starting off with Majowina!
12:00midnight pa lang, unang-unang bumati sa akin today!

Well...I don't know what he's up to pero I'm sure like Majo, never forgets.

Kagabi pa lang, nangungulit na.
Sabi ko 'wag siya ma-excite kaya ayun, hindi ako binati kanina.

He's also born February.

Awaken because of my noise and eventually greeted me.

Kuya(Ate?) Nasser
He started my birthday morning right by pissing me off.
We're at a war.
Though he's a badtrip, I still thank him for his nice gift.

Joyce Krung
Duh! I came to school earlier than you!
You should be sorry!
Your efforts were spoiled!
I wasn't surprised!
Haha! That was a joke!

How sweet!
You greeted me.
I'm sure Majo told you.
Am I right?

Ate Gillian Aiza
Haha! Seriously, thanks.

Jane Imbao
Hello Freshmanmate friend!
You're still sweet until now while I am becoming more evil!

Ate Jen
Hahaha! You must not know 'bout me!
Hahaha! Sorry I don't have food to give.

Loomer and her friend
Thanks for teasing me!

You still have a whole day to greet me or do anything for me.
It could be naughty or nice!
I might include you in my treasure of memories...

even though I know you won't notice me and even though I keep on denying my feelings for you,
you are numb if you don't know them!
Happy Valentines!@!@!

Monday, February 12, 2007

18 = Moving Out

I am getting 18. 2 days...

And I am not gonna be happy!
I just knew...

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Change of Plans

I remember the goal I set just this New Year:

I will become a Hollywood celebrity within this year.

It's pretty insane but I'm serious.
I just don't know how...


Good Luck me!!!

For the consequences, I'm still thinking about it.

Friday, February 09, 2007

NSTP1 Experience: My First Movie Ever

Hope you like it folks!
But Im certain you wouldn't. It's because the quality is not very good. And I only converted it to mp4 using WinXMedia and they put their awkwardly large green name for the last minute or so of the movie. Nevertheless, just see my first creation. Hahaha! Don't forget to have with you the popcorn and tissue paper. Hahaha!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

More Birthdays...

I really have no idea why many of my friends were born February...

Feb.5-ate meech
and my cousin ipay, etc...

I'll follow-up this list...

Monday, February 05, 2007

My Birthday Bash!!!

so, my birthday is on Valentine's Day;
Jake on 16;
and Joel on 21;

and our birthday bash???


on feb23!!!

Sorry to tell everyone that few are chosen to come!!!

haha! Joke!

Seriously we are just planning about it right now...
Hope it'll be fun!!!

Come on!!!

And then there's Friendster Blogs...


I feel so stupid with that blog!

I can't edit much of my page...

I have to pay before I could.

And I even have to pay just for the archiving!

And now, new users can no longer subscribe without having to divulge financial informations!!!


And now, I am better off with blogger.
(Even though I have only myself as an audience of my own show!!!)


New Seven Wonders of the World

Egypt has just derode a contest in determining the new seven wonders of the world because they say it is a disgrace to compete for a spot given it is the only surving structure from the traditional list of seven wonders of the ancient world.

The Traditional List includes:
-The Great Pyramid of Giza
-The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
-The Statue of Zues at Olympia
-The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus
-The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus
-The Colossus at Rhodes
-The Lighthouse of Alexandria

Imagine this list originated 2 mellenia ago.

But through the leadership of Bernard Weber, we are going to determine the new wonders of the world. The winners will be announced on 07.07.07...


Give to Egypt! Come on! Go! Go! Go!


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Snow in Baguio?

Isn't it too chilly here in Baguio???

And the temperature has just dropped to 9-degree Celsius earlier this morning when I went to a computer shop in Session Rd. It was quite odd because I never felt this level of coldness. Exposed parts of my body felt searing pain of freezing all over.

I remember the other day overhearing a conversation when I was passing by a burger stall in Cabinet Hill that there has been already snowfall in Baguio(?). Never heard it before either. Anyone?

I just discover by reading Sunstar Baguio yesterday that the temperature yesterday which was only about 10.6 degrees Celsius was even lower than last year's lowest of 11.0 degrees Celsius on February 4. And now it's even dropping lower. But the lowest temperature ever in Baguio was in January 18, 1961 with 6.3 degrees Celsius. Isn't this the lowest temp in the Philippines so far? No concrete knowledge on that yet...

At first it felt exciting to have weather colder than in San Francisco, California right now. But later on after having had a first hand feel, I would never dream of going through that experience again.

First, almost everyone around me is getting sick by the day.


Second, I read that this weather is a huge problem for farmers in higher places such as the Atok, Buguias, Kibungan and Kabayan. Low temperatures cause something they call "frost destruction" or "frost damage" on crops. This is something that we can live without especially that the region heavily depends on agriculture and vegetables in particular.
And last, IT IS REALLY SO impossible to sleep comfortable at night!!!

Any other place in the Philippines in similar condition?

Monday, January 29, 2007

Do we really have to know evil to fight it?

A while ago, I was having an argument with a friend and roommate, Rommel, about evil. It came as a result of him explicitly telling me he hated me for how I’ve acted these past few days--I was so into the concept of personifying evil.

As accusations go, I acted vicious, sexist, mean, stupid, slang, etc. The most significant part of the act however was feeling pleasure while doing these deeds of evil. And when Rommel criticized the character (or me), I responded with a statement I didn’t even know was coming from me--

To fight the evil, you must know the evil.
(Well, if you really wanted to)

After having said that, I started getting paranoid that might be becoming a monster myself, with figurative big horns and long pointed tails, holding a trident, and endlessly partying around fire in a cave. (read: credit to Dan Brown for using these images again that attribute to devil)

Rommel opened up the topic again last night and I was on the defensive this time.

One can argue that it’s best that we never know evil at all. Then we wouldn’t have to deal with it.

Innocence days are over though!

My Christian self believes that ever since Adam and Eve made the bite of the forbidden fruit, mankind was forever led to vulnerability. We are left to deal with evil ourselves whether we like it or not; and I believe that knowledge is the best way of arming oneself against enemies. The same can be said of evil. Not recognizing evil is ignorance and, in its nature, is evil itself.

(Comment June 21, 2014 This was written way back when I was fresh out of high school. Right now I don't consider myself Catholic or Christian anymore but I still believe that knowledge is power.)

And the Nice Award goes to…!

Should I make a body that gives awards to the nicest persons, I will definitely not forget April and Charisse.

Everyone might agree to the notion that they are rather forgettable than any girl around. But this is untrue for people who are best in what-lies-beneath judging.

April Cambay and Charisse Camaso, both Pangasinense. I got to know them when we became classmates in Math 17. And April and I were also classmates in Math 53.

I noticed them because they are the nicest person you can get along with.

And without sugar-coatings.

Now, I never get to see them as often. But I got to just last Saturday on my way home. And they greeted me with their usual warm signature smile.

Haaay…If only all people are at least their niceness…


Sunday, January 28, 2007

I have to defend TOFI…hmmm

This coming Wednesday, January 31, in our Soc Sci 30 class, there will be a debate.

The topic is about the issue on Tuition Fee Increase in UP.

And I would have to be in favor of TOFI.

All I have to do is to show that there actually is justice in TOFI.

Quite hard a task.

For all we know, almost every student in UP opposes the said proposal.

Well, let’s see what I can do with that.



“Business Matters”

I read last Saturday’s Philippine Star.

And instead of my usual Lifestyle-Entertainment-Sports routine, I happen to read a column in the business section with title “Business Matters” by someone I can’t exactly recall what the name is.

The column is a five-star for me. I don’t exactly know if I am right in judging as such. That was just even the first time I read it.

I guess I have to confirm this…

“Business Matters”, watch out!!!


Saviours, Thanks a Lot!!!

I just want to thank the solicitors I happen to convince personally to share their blessings to the 18th Annual Interschool Quiz Show catered by my beloved organization, the Math-Physics Society. And they are:


R&R Management and Sanitary Services

#42 Cabinet Hill, Baguio City


R.C. del Rosario

(Upper Canteen)

UP Baguio


Joystick Catering Services

(Lower Canteen)

UP Baguio


Geneva Simplina of UP Open University


My Beloved:

UPB Physics Block ‘05


Inah, Jake O., Melvin, Olive

Jan V.

Aian, Anne, CJ, Dunna, Hannah

Jhoell, Joel, Krung, Maricris, Roujahn

and the rest…


Physics Blockmates, the Best!

My Monday last week, January 22, ended with all the depressions and despairs in the world.

None of the pledges to me regarding the solicitation for Math-Phy’s AMPI Quiz Show were coming. Beta Sigma and Cordillera People’s Alliance declined. PAGTA was hesitant. And the others, they kept extending theirs when the deadline is the next day.

I know it was my entire fault, taking actions a week or even a day before the deadline. Well, it’s simply because I am it. And change may require a long time. But at that moment, changing attitude was less important than beating the deadline.

Finally, I resolved to texting my blockmates and asked contributions so that I can advertise our block. None actually replied except for Melvin who I already expected to be the first to give his pledge.

The next day however was a different one. One-by-one, pledges started to be granted. First of them was the R&R Management and Sanitary Services, an establishment near our house. Next were the canteens in the school, the R.C. del Rosario(Upper Canteen) and the Joystick(Lower Canteen). Last was a friend from the Office of UP Open University, Geneva Simplina. She is actually the coach of the Badminton Team.

But my greatest earn came from my beloved blockmates especially Majo who shouldered one-third.

I don’t want to create some drama here but I just want the whole world to know how grateful I am to have these people for my friends.


Give it to Dirk!

Leading the winningest team of the season...

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sir CAT, once a Math-Phy in UP Baguio???

My only initial task was to correct the names of alumni/ae in the last year's Math-Phy AMPI Quiz Show souvenir program. The OCD in me kicked in when I noticed the loss of several former society members in the previous issue of the program.

I scanned each name alphabetically. And it was an exhausting experience! I probably looked over a thousand names.

What shocked me initially was when I was already in latter part of the S's

Mr. Suaco, Michael Odin was there!(?) One of my high school teachers...

Then I was intrigued. But I made up some theories:
1. He entered UP Baguio, entered the Math-Physics Society and transferred to UP Diliman.(just like what I've been planning to do and just like what most Manilenyos would do!)
2. He graduated at UP Baguio.

I asked around teachers and old people and "results" leaned more likely to 1.

In any case, Sir Mike was one of my teachers in high school. He was a Religion teacher when we were first years. We never got to have him again as a teacher for the rest of our years in Southridge.

He was the commandant though of SR's CAT. And I became an officer. So we really got to get along. Well, interact. A few times. Not in the casual sense though since he was really strict (and I mean STRICT, e.g. his "Wanna quit?" large fiery eyes) to us COCs when we were candidates. Graduating as  officers made us benefit the "other" side of his strictness.

So, we really got to be schoolmates, huh? What are the odds.

San Mig Light: Not So Light

I don't drink.

Well, I used not to. Back then I refer to myself as occasional drinker.

And lately I discovered that San Mig Light is not really "light"--another "used to".

I was such a foolish!

I help myself a bottle every now and then under a self-indoctrination that light beers have less alcohol than non-light beers. It also happened that I liked the taste of it and wanted more of it.

One night, I dropped by a convenience store to finally realize that it had the same amount of alcohol as any other beers that I thought were hard--5%vol, even lighter than red and white wine which are  in turn 11-15%vol alcohol. Wine I thought were decent.

OK. So it turned out, much to my chagrin, that the "Light" in San Mig Light refers the amount of carb in the drink. It's the same principle as to why there's Coke Light, Pepsi Light, and Whatever-insert-name-of-alcoholic-beverage-here Light.

Such distress over a drink jargon but now it turns out I'm past being just an "occasional drinker". Slightly more maybe. I don't know...What I recognize is the confidence alcoholic drink gives me so much of...