Friday, October 13, 2006

Chowking-Session Galore

After a very depressing exam in Physics111,
SMB kaagad ang barkada
(SM Baguio naman...wala umiinom sa amin eh! mga pa-good kuno. wahahaha)

SM getaway(without the ever galang erwin at majo...)
after making gala the whole place,
super eat ang mga utaws ever...
super picture the ever-laki-titing mascot.
(alam n'yo na kung sino 'yun! the one with big feet...)

the guys later on made uwi themselves
but the ever nocturnal vempires and draculas
made their way to chowking-lower session
to haunt some prey but were disappointed
only to find out the ever cute chorva was not there. hehe.

asan kaya 'yun? why the absence?

Anyways, the nocturnal vempires,
(can you believe it?),
ate chicha!
ewwwie......poorness...coomplemented with water. haha!

hahaha! pero bait these guys huh?
super aral in math.
pa'no kasi the ever-leaving teacher
(leaving for austria)
made the last LE take-home... hahaha!

but the antoked vempires
eventually went out of the place
and hopped to dunkin'
and made their earliest away
there with the ever-adiposed-tissued chaka lolas there.

what a nice complement for breakfast nga naman...
and to start the day right.. wahahaha...

mga warfreak!

basta! they're just insecure! meowww...

and the vempires, not contented, made gala the bonifacio. haha!

mahal sa brighter side ng baguio eh!

And after all the adventures undergone by the bidas,
now naman, super netting.
although, the grandmama is already home...

ayyy...wala talaga 'tong tulugan!!!(later na lang...)

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