Monday, June 21, 2010

The Uncertainty Principle (draft)

...this sounds like the relationship of uncertainty of position to the uncertainty of momentum of a particle. Some theory by Heisenberg. Well, in fact it is!

     Today, while on my way to Dive Republic for a 1pm PE class in SCUBA diving, I kept thinking why people in UA&P are taking liberal arts. And then it went all the way back to high school rearing. I don't know but these thoughts somehow drove me to take the uncertainty principle into a whole new level. And I believe it was somewhat personal. I just could not put everything into words at this point. I'm still at a task of formalizing (which I mean putting into a clean notebook with all the embellishments and stuff) that I just found out it was a Mg strip that was used in an experiment. So I am putting up this draft just so that I will be engrossed in following up on something unfinished. I promise to get back to this in a day or two.

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