Monday, June 02, 2014

Graduates, it's snag-a-job season. Ryan Holliday of New York Observer, a dropout, has a word or two.

This morning I was in Google Adwords, trying to hit the ground running on my hatchling-stage blogging. I was playing around with keywords (or phrase) "my first job out of college" when I came across "snag a job". At first I laughed at the coarseness of the term and mainly because I was not familiar with it at all and it honestly sounded a bit ghetto. It turned out to be the most-searched phrase when it comes to job hunting though.

So for some reason I hit the keywords "how I snagged a job out of college" (I don't remember how it came to me but it just did) in google. And then this came out in the first page: "Dear Graduates: Lessons from a college dropout". Ryan Holliday, a college dropout did have some inspiring words to give out to the people of the moment, the graduates. Then it hit me. After all the pomp and circumstance, each one of us have had that moment where we're confronted with the question, "Now what?", overwhelmed (or distraught maybe?) at the prospects (or the lack thereof) of staying straight in the path to fulfilling dreams.

PHOTO: Graduates tossing cap in the air. (Paul Bradbury/Getty Images)

Personally, as well as it is a series of challenges, I believe that life is also determined by decisions after another. We fail at them most of the time, but of course we learn in the process.

And then of course he has this one line that appealed to me the most:
"...don’t wait for your dream job. These things aren’t gifted, they ensue as a result of our choices. We will them into existence."

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