Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Me!!!



I just want to thank the people who never forgot to greet me today!!!
Hay naku!

starting off with Majowina!
12:00midnight pa lang, unang-unang bumati sa akin today!

Well...I don't know what he's up to pero I'm sure like Majo, never forgets.

Kagabi pa lang, nangungulit na.
Sabi ko 'wag siya ma-excite kaya ayun, hindi ako binati kanina.

He's also born February.

Awaken because of my noise and eventually greeted me.

Kuya(Ate?) Nasser
He started my birthday morning right by pissing me off.
We're at a war.
Though he's a badtrip, I still thank him for his nice gift.

Joyce Krung
Duh! I came to school earlier than you!
You should be sorry!
Your efforts were spoiled!
I wasn't surprised!
Haha! That was a joke!

How sweet!
You greeted me.
I'm sure Majo told you.
Am I right?

Ate Gillian Aiza
Haha! Seriously, thanks.

Jane Imbao
Hello Freshmanmate friend!
You're still sweet until now while I am becoming more evil!

Ate Jen
Hahaha! You must not know 'bout me!
Hahaha! Sorry I don't have food to give.

Loomer and her friend
Thanks for teasing me!

You still have a whole day to greet me or do anything for me.
It could be naughty or nice!
I might include you in my treasure of memories...

even though I know you won't notice me and even though I keep on denying my feelings for you,
you are numb if you don't know them!
Happy Valentines!@!@!

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