Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nowitzki scolding Kidd was JUST-eefiaBLE!!!

I was listening to a radio show this afternoon where Andi and Joey were kind of discussing NBA Playoffs, how upset is goin' with Boston Celtics, poor Suns being down 3-1 to Spurs, etc. And then they went down to discussing Nowitzki's and Kidd's fight over their last game (wherein they eventually lost to New Orleans and now 1-3). They kind of disliked what happened because Kidd is new to the team and still adusting...yada! yada!

I was annoyed by the remarks because in the first place, Nowitzki is the CAPTAIN of the team.
Duh! He has all the rights in the world to reprimand "everybody" in the team if that will better their performance.

No one was stepping up or at least HELP, how do you suppose a captain to act?

Second point, agree or not, we know that though team's name is Dallas Mavericks, it's AKA Team Dirk!

They shouldn't have traded Devin Harris for a "kid" to begin with! Stupid Dallas!

Sorry Kidd fans, but I am a DALLAS fan and Kidd in the team is not doing any good.

But let's see. Playoffs' not over yet. If Kidd can do something to get Dallas back up, I might take back what all I've said.

But for now, let's not consider the fight with the two a fault on Dirk's side! PUH-LEASE!!

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