Saturday, June 21, 2008

Je crois que je l'aime, (I Think I'm in Love / Can This Be Love?)

(desolèe pour les title! hindi talaga mahilig ang French language sa capitalizations!)

Anyway, My God! Finalement! The one movie I've been dying to see since God-knows-when!!! I swear to God, I tried all of its scheduled screenings ever since the film fest began without any luck!!!

Today! Ouis! With all the rain and bagyo! For an 8pm screening, I had to rush to Shang before 6! 5:30 and the line was long. The tickets were distributed 6! I was so afraid to lose ticket! haha! Well, not on the last screening! I've learnt my leçon all this time...

[tears...] haha! The movie was so cute! Unlike "Clean" and "Changement d'Adresse", this has no tear-jerkers! You'll just feel the comedy of a love story of two old people who behave in a not-so-mature manner wehn it comes to love. I won't tell more! Basta! cute s'ya! nagustuhan ko s'ya! 'Yun lang! It was worth it...I walked out of the theater smiling...And I am developing an impression for French films! Hmmm...well, I'd rather see "Ma vie en l'air" and "Ah! si j'etais riche" tomorrow... and the overall assessment of the festival....Au revoir!

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