Saturday, June 21, 2008

Romane de Gare (Crossed Tracks)

OK! By now, which is the 2nd to the last day of French Film Fest in Manila, I managed to watch just a third film, Romane de Gare!

[It's been two weeks and three films! Yeps! Sadly...either I don't have time to Shang or I am sleeping after work or in most cases, I'm at Shang but one hour before the film and the tickets are out! Damn these people! They love free stuffs!]

I haven't even watched "Ah si j'etais Riche", "Ma vie en L'Air" and "Je crois que je l'aime" which I've been dying to see since even the film fest haven't started yet!

I was able to catch "Changement d'Adresse" and "Clean" last week which were just about comme çi, comme ça!

Très bien! Allez-nous de retourner au film Romane de Gare! Ça va très bien! I didn't even expect it! So far, of the three movies I watch, this is the best! Alright! Alright! Don't expect a movie review to follow. I can't make one right now. It's just so hectic! But generally, Romane was very very nice! Nicely done!

Ça va! A brief sharing: it was a very very clever story about an author and a drama! You won't appreciate until you watch it! It's just so complicated to write a review about! But here's to expect: You'll laugh at Huguette's stupidity or at Pierre's mannerisms. You'll be scared by Pierre's and Judith's mysteries. You'll be moved at the end. And you'll be impressed over all! That's at least if you know how to appreciate a good film...

Anyway, if you're reading this! Oui, vous! You should be envy! I watched it for free at Shang! You won't find it in your suking video city! Astrovision? Not a chance! Because it's French, foreign, étrangére. Alliance might have some copy someday! Last day tomorrow and tickets will be gone in 10 minutes, trust me!

And I am off to watch the last film of the day, Je crois que je l'emais (I Think I'm in Love)!
Reviews later! Au revoir!

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