Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oldboy. Another Korean Super. A Film Review

Another proof that Korean cinema is superior in the world in its creativity. Watching this reminded me of Blue Spring, a Japanese film that reminded me of what it is for a film to be creative and poetic again when all flicks accessible in the theaters today are only those money-making comparable to factory excesses or rather excrements of drought ideas.

OK, enough said about bad cinema stuffs.

I've seen a lot of Korean films in my young enthusiasm for film appreciation. What I dont understand is why there a lot of them but do not fail to surprise you with their twists. And in fairness to these twists, they are very believable. And "Oldboy", wow!, just stood up to the rostrum and shouted out loud to lead the Korean bunch.

The cinema experience is almost or even perfect if there's such a thing. The cinematography is unique. I don't know if it has been copied from something else but it reminded me of the beauty of anime articulation in screen sense. And that was shown during fight scenes and the pans of the screen from one scene to another. It was crazy!

Im speaking non-sense already but I think Roger Ebert understands what I mean. Id rather have him explain everything:

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