Saturday, November 19, 2011

Testicles and Painkillers

I was trying to sort the big deals out of an uneventful week and all I can recall was me thinking last Friday that during that day, had I been able to, I would've murdered 6 or 7 people. That would include that woman I sat beside the jeepney; she was bitchy! The other two would've been the fat guys who had to really squeeze me in my seat at the train ride. It was apparently the point I started feeling pain from my crotch. Another one would be the donut vendor who won't sell donuts coz she didn't have change. And the rest would be the surplus. These people, really!

There was no way I could have turned that day around, instead I ended up with a very painful pair of testicles.

I planned this day ahead to be in an extraordinary level of brightness. I would've have worn a pair of red pants topped with a gayish shirt. But then the day before was a disappointment that creeped its way into the next day.

That's how unremarkable this week have been save for the failed experiments for thesis which will most likely continue until next week. My creativity couldn't even save this entry. This will probably go down as my worst ever.

Anyhow, I just wanted to write something about, while waiting for the Heroes Season 2 to complete download.

And oh!, did I mention I ended up having painful testicles?

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