Monday, January 29, 2007

And the Nice Award goes to…!

Should I make a body that gives awards to the nicest persons, I will definitely not forget April and Charisse.

Everyone might agree to the notion that they are rather forgettable than any girl around. But this is untrue for people who are best in what-lies-beneath judging.

April Cambay and Charisse Camaso, both Pangasinense. I got to know them when we became classmates in Math 17. And April and I were also classmates in Math 53.

I noticed them because they are the nicest person you can get along with.

And without sugar-coatings.

Now, I never get to see them as often. But I got to just last Saturday on my way home. And they greeted me with their usual warm signature smile.

Haaay…If only all people are at least their niceness…

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