Sunday, January 28, 2007

Saviours, Thanks a Lot!!!

I just want to thank the solicitors I happen to convince personally to share their blessings to the 18th Annual Interschool Quiz Show catered by my beloved organization, the Math-Physics Society. And they are:


R&R Management and Sanitary Services

#42 Cabinet Hill, Baguio City


R.C. del Rosario

(Upper Canteen)

UP Baguio


Joystick Catering Services

(Lower Canteen)

UP Baguio


Geneva Simplina of UP Open University


My Beloved:

UPB Physics Block ‘05


Inah, Jake O., Melvin, Olive

Jan V.

Aian, Anne, CJ, Dunna, Hannah

Jhoell, Joel, Krung, Maricris, Roujahn

and the rest…

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