Sunday, January 21, 2007

San Mig Light: Not So Light

I don't drink.

Well, I used not to. Back then I refer to myself as occasional drinker.

And lately I discovered that San Mig Light is not really "light"--another "used to".

I was such a foolish!

I help myself a bottle every now and then under a self-indoctrination that light beers have less alcohol than non-light beers. It also happened that I liked the taste of it and wanted more of it.

One night, I dropped by a convenience store to finally realize that it had the same amount of alcohol as any other beers that I thought were hard--5%vol, even lighter than red and white wine which are  in turn 11-15%vol alcohol. Wine I thought were decent.

OK. So it turned out, much to my chagrin, that the "Light" in San Mig Light refers the amount of carb in the drink. It's the same principle as to why there's Coke Light, Pepsi Light, and Whatever-insert-name-of-alcoholic-beverage-here Light.

Such distress over a drink jargon but now it turns out I'm past being just an "occasional drinker". Slightly more maybe. I don't know...What I recognize is the confidence alcoholic drink gives me so much of...

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