Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Snow in Baguio?

Isn't it too chilly here in Baguio???

And the temperature has just dropped to 9-degree Celsius earlier this morning when I went to a computer shop in Session Rd. It was quite odd because I never felt this level of coldness. Exposed parts of my body felt searing pain of freezing all over.

I remember the other day overhearing a conversation when I was passing by a burger stall in Cabinet Hill that there has been already snowfall in Baguio(?). Never heard it before either. Anyone?

I just discover by reading Sunstar Baguio yesterday that the temperature yesterday which was only about 10.6 degrees Celsius was even lower than last year's lowest of 11.0 degrees Celsius on February 4. And now it's even dropping lower. But the lowest temperature ever in Baguio was in January 18, 1961 with 6.3 degrees Celsius. Isn't this the lowest temp in the Philippines so far? No concrete knowledge on that yet...

At first it felt exciting to have weather colder than in San Francisco, California right now. But later on after having had a first hand feel, I would never dream of going through that experience again.

First, almost everyone around me is getting sick by the day.


Second, I read that this weather is a huge problem for farmers in higher places such as the Atok, Buguias, Kibungan and Kabayan. Low temperatures cause something they call "frost destruction" or "frost damage" on crops. This is something that we can live without especially that the region heavily depends on agriculture and vegetables in particular.
And last, IT IS REALLY SO impossible to sleep comfortable at night!!!

Any other place in the Philippines in similar condition?

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