Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sir CAT, once a Math-Phy in UP Baguio???

My only initial task was to correct the names of alumni/ae in the last year's Math-Phy AMPI Quiz Show souvenir program. The OCD in me kicked in when I noticed the loss of several former society members in the previous issue of the program.

I scanned each name alphabetically. And it was an exhausting experience! I probably looked over a thousand names.

What shocked me initially was when I was already in latter part of the S's

Mr. Suaco, Michael Odin was there!(?) One of my high school teachers...

Then I was intrigued. But I made up some theories:
1. He entered UP Baguio, entered the Math-Physics Society and transferred to UP Diliman.(just like what I've been planning to do and just like what most Manilenyos would do!)
2. He graduated at UP Baguio.

I asked around teachers and old people and "results" leaned more likely to 1.

In any case, Sir Mike was one of my teachers in high school. He was a Religion teacher when we were first years. We never got to have him again as a teacher for the rest of our years in Southridge.

He was the commandant though of SR's CAT. And I became an officer. So we really got to get along. Well, interact. A few times. Not in the casual sense though since he was really strict (and I mean STRICT, e.g. his "Wanna quit?" large fiery eyes) to us COCs when we were candidates. Graduating as  officers made us benefit the "other" side of his strictness.

So, we really got to be schoolmates, huh? What are the odds.

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