Sunday, January 28, 2007

Physics Blockmates, the Best!

My Monday last week, January 22, ended with all the depressions and despairs in the world.

None of the pledges to me regarding the solicitation for Math-Phy’s AMPI Quiz Show were coming. Beta Sigma and Cordillera People’s Alliance declined. PAGTA was hesitant. And the others, they kept extending theirs when the deadline is the next day.

I know it was my entire fault, taking actions a week or even a day before the deadline. Well, it’s simply because I am it. And change may require a long time. But at that moment, changing attitude was less important than beating the deadline.

Finally, I resolved to texting my blockmates and asked contributions so that I can advertise our block. None actually replied except for Melvin who I already expected to be the first to give his pledge.

The next day however was a different one. One-by-one, pledges started to be granted. First of them was the R&R Management and Sanitary Services, an establishment near our house. Next were the canteens in the school, the R.C. del Rosario(Upper Canteen) and the Joystick(Lower Canteen). Last was a friend from the Office of UP Open University, Geneva Simplina. She is actually the coach of the Badminton Team.

But my greatest earn came from my beloved blockmates especially Majo who shouldered one-third.

I don’t want to create some drama here but I just want the whole world to know how grateful I am to have these people for my friends.

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